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Finally with a waterproof housing, you will can fit 99% of compact digital cameras, and this will benefit both economically, thanks to an infinite product and universal, both in terms of its environmental impact in a moment of attention to the recyclable and reusable.
FotoLeoneSub suggested the Seashell housing for their unique characteristics: thanks to a wide range of accessories included in the package (shims of different shapes and sizes and stick to the regulation of the two external controls, pre-cut foam rubber for the various measures of the LCD of the camera with a camera and lens hood latch function) become universal and adaptable to almost all compact digital cameras. Basically if you buy a camera and decide to change it will be possible to insert the new camera with simple measures, for example by replacing the dimension of thickness.
Each pack is also equipped with other accessories such as grease, strap, neck strap, user manual in multiple languages. Quick Setup guide with pictures, dimensional sheet with a diagram that shows the design thicknesses to be used for a better fit for your camera.
Seashell is a polycarbonate housing, available in two versions:
SS1 (for cameras with optical zoom external) SS2 (for cameras with optical zoom inside) with reduced dimensions:
external 140mm (l) x 98mm (h) x 76mm (w)
internal 98mm (w) x 60mm (h) x 40mm (w)
Ergonomic, lightweight (380gr SS1, SS2 338gr.), provided in an elegant blue color, impact-resistant (1m Shock Proof), and is recommended for amateur photographers when they are on vacation or involved in water sports and snow, with use of depth of 40 meters.
Only Foto Leone Sub provides the most requested many other options / accessories:  threaded brackets / arms, optional buttons, ring the front door step with 67mm threaded filters, color correction, extra wide-angle lenses, macro lenses, flashes functions with fiber optics, lighting, and other services / warranties: testing with pressure manufacturers and warranty valid for two years, adaptation / re-adaptation of the camera: the first fitting is free if you buy a kit camera and housing.
The introductory price offered by Foto Leone Sub for these very special underwater housing is Euro 190.00.

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